What happens in a consultation?

A consultation is a safe, non-judgemental space for you to tell me what is going on for you. No symptoms are unimportant, or “just your imagination”.

My clients tell me that I am easy to talk to and obviously, the more you can tell me about things, the better. But because homeopathy looks at all of you – physical, mental and emotional – the good news is that…

… a lot of the information that helps me to find a remedy for you is easy stuff like: 


Do you love pizza or would you rather eat a curry?


Are you a thirsty person – or not?


Do you sleep on your left side or do you prefer to lie on your back?


Do you love snow and hate the summer, or is it the other way around?


Are you warm-blooded or are you always the one with an extra jumper on?


Are you tidy – or not at all?


Do you dislike crowds, or heights, or insects or mice?


Do you love music and dancing, or would you rather curl up with a book?

Among the thousands of homeopathic remedies, it is often these little details that are the key to choosing the best remedy match for you.

For example, a remedy that will suit an anxious person 
who is generally warm-blooded, thirsty and loves spicy food,  
will absolutely not do for an anxious person
who is chilly, loves ice cream, and likes to cat-nap.

So the characteristics of your organism are vital.

Together with an outline of your medical history and what health issues run in your family, this helps me find the right remedy for you. 

A first consultation lasts about 90 minutes so I can cover what I need to know to find the individual remedy which is the best match for you.

Follow-up consultations last about 40 minutes to give us a chance to explore what has changed since you took your remedy, in order to guide the choice of your next prescription. Follow-up appointments are usually spaced about 5 weeks apart.

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It’s amazing. All that grief I felt, it’s all gone … all that anxiety and emotional stress is just not there anymore. Quite incredible.  Kim (grief and anxiety)

Your remedy

When I have a good picture of things, I will look for a remedy which matches you and your symptoms – one that is truly personalised and specific to you in your situation now.

After the consultation I will send you a prescription for your remedy and details of how to take it as well as where you can buy it from, depending on where you are in the world.

Remedies are usually small spherical granules from 2-5mm approximately and are made from a sucrose base, but they can also come in power or liquid form.

The granules are placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve – they are easy to take, and children usually love them because they taste slightly sweet.

The liquid remedies come in a dropper bottle. Liquid remedies are almost tasteless.

The powders and the granules can also be dissolved in water and sipped. They do not change the taste of the water.

What changes can I expect?

Everybody is different, so it’s difficult to predict exactly how you will react, but with the right remedy you are likely to:

feel calmer,

sleep better, and

be better able to move on through with what is bothering you.

Physical symptoms should improve, and depending on the history and how they have been treated in the past, may well go away entirely.

As well as feeling better in yourself, you often feel clearer about your situation and also gain insight into yourself as you go along.

So you can end up gaining increasing perspective on where you are going, and how to move forwards.

People often find this helps the process of change, as well as being quite reassuring because you start to have a better idea of how your system functions and reacts to life.

The pace of change will vary from person to person; it can take from days to weeks to see some change for chronic situations, and as little as minutes for acute situations such as panic attacks.

Moving to better physical and mental health is a process, not a single event.  It can take some time, but the improvements can be very significant.

Read here about the changes other people have described.


The remedy Catrin prescribed not only eased the symptoms, but actually helped to restore a fast flagging confidence.  Oona (hot flushes for over a year with anxiety and loss of self-confidence)

What to consider

The majority of clients experience change within the first two weeks of taking their remedy, often sooner. 

Although conditions that you have had for a long time can take longer to resolve, you should experience benefits quickly.  

The right remedy can really move things! 

We will be in a better position to judge how you might progress after we have seen how you respond to your remedy, but you should budget for at least four appointments (one initial consultation and three follow-ups) initially. 

We are going to be working on nudging your system so you get better and you can enjoy your life more.

You should make permanent gains

  • without having to suppress symptoms,
  • without having to deal with unpleasant or damaging side effects, and
  • without having to take medication for ever.

You are investing in a better future for yourself, so you can be as free as possible from physical and mental difficulties.

Free to be the person you feel is really you.


After the first couple of weeks of using the homeopathy I noticed a huge difference – the eczema had almost gone … After a couple of months my face and neck were completely eczema-free. … I just love not having to think about it anymore. 
Fran (eczema and stress)


Please note that I take payment in British pounds sterling, not euros or US dollars

I have provided rough equivalents in US dollars and euros for general guidance but these are indicative only since the exact amount will depend on the current currency conversion rates.

Full consultations

Full consultations are required to deal with ongoing health problems both mental and physical.

A full consultation looks at all of you, so we need enough time to consider your entire system and find a remedy to match it and nudge your body to start your move to better health. Please book a discovery call first to find out more.

New consultation (90 mins – 2 hours) from £110    (approx €130 or US$140)   Book a discovery call

Follow-ups (40 mins) from £78    (approx €90 or US$100)    Book here

Acute Consultations

Acute consultations are for immediate problems requiring quick attention.

These are usually for symptoms which you have had for less than two weeks. A sudden flare up in longer-term problems may also need acute treatment, but you should be aware that to deal with the underlying issue will require a full consultation.

Acute consultations take approximately 20 minutes.

Acute consultation for clients already in treatment: £30    (approx €35 or US$40)   Book here

Acute consultation for new clients: £40    (approx €45 or US$50)    Book here

Clients will be sent a prescription and instructions on where they can purchase the remedy they require.

Bach Flower Essences may also be offered as optional support at additional cost.

Or email urgent@catrinmerletthomeopathy.com if there is not an appointment available online.


Payment may be made by credit card at the start of your consultation.

Alternatively, clients may make payment by bank transfer: details will be sent on booking. 

Please note that bookings cancelled with less than 2 working days’ notice will be charged for.

I truly appreciate your help for both Rosa and myself.  Dan (insomnia and acid reflux)

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I look forward to talking with you!