Take 5!

Apr 12, 2021

There are many, many reasons for using homeopathy, and all of them involve things getting better.

When you have experienced how the right remedy can really turn things around for you with homeopathy, your view of health will be forever changed.

Once you see what a huge change homeopathy can make, you find it starts to embed itself into your life and your approach to health. Before long you wonder how you ever managed before, and you look at people who don’t use homeopathy to help them, and you see a huge gap in their lives and wellbeing.

Quite simply, there is nothing quite like homeopathy for getting better and being as healthy as you possibly can be.

It is Homeopathy Awareness Week this week so if you are standing on the edge wondering whether or not to dip your toes in, here are five good reasons to get started.

1] You WILL be properly listened to. Your view of things is not peripheral to the problem, it is vital information for a homeopath. Nothing that you feel is unimportant, irrelevant or “just your imagination”. It will all be taken into account.

Here is a selection of recent client symptoms that could so easily have just been dismissed – but without them a homeopath would never have found the right remedy for the client!

  • Bella’s brain had suddenly stopped working properly: she could not remember anything anyone said for two minutes put together. She was failing important exams though she was an A* student.
  • Felicity was very much are afraid of robbers where there were none
  • Oliver’s nose would not stop running when he was inside, but outside it was fine
  • John had retired to bed completely unable to do anything. He had no clear symptoms but he was terribly thirsty – and it turned out a close friend had recently moved away.
  • Samantha was too panicky to sit in the front seat of a car because she was disturbed by grief
  • Greta was certain there was someone behind her – and she kept getting cystitis
  • Harry had started a new school a one hour bus ride away – but he got so travel sick he could not manage to sit in class when he arrived. Strangely his travel sickness was no better at all for fresh air.
  • Beatrix had been told to lose weight and now felt truly terrible about herself and could not eat anything much

All of these problems got better with homeopathy. No matter what is going on for you, a homeopath will listen and use your symptoms to match you with a remedy to put you on the road to better health.

2] Homeopathy looks at your whole system – it doesn’t focus on fixing the central heating and hanging up thick curtains, whilst ignoring the fact that an upstairs window is stuck open letting in a gale.

We are made up of our physical, mental and emotional selves, and all of it needs to be taken into account because all of it is us.

So when something emotionally difficult happens, as it did for Freddy, the impact is often on our physical body and/or our mental functioning.

Freddy was unable to eat anything, even though he was both hungry and thirsty, and he felt totally out of it and unable to work. Instead of applying a sticking plaster to these problems, some careful questioning uncovered the fact that Freddy’s had split up with his girlfriend and he couldn’t accept it. So we went to the root of the problem with a grief remedy, with the result that the physical problems cleared up and Freddy was able to move on emotionally as well.

3] Your prescription is highly individualised – designed for who you are and what is going on for you right now. Your body has the most tremendous healing capacity, but sometimes it gets a bit stuck and does not know how best to move forwards. So careful questioning gives a homeopath a picture that includes both your system and the symptoms you have now. Matching this with the right remedy nudges your body to get things moving in the right direction – physically, mentally and emotionally – and get you back on the rails.

4] There are no chemical side effects, no addiction or toxicity problems and in most cases no need to keep taking the remedy for ever. Homeopathic remedies work completely differently from conventional medication. Homeopathy nudges your body to find its balance again naturally. You are not ingesting chemicals that are going to have a number of different effects on your body, not just the hoped-for one. Nor are you eating chemicals that possibly entail long-term problems of toxicity or addiction. In fact the only thing you are likely to become addicted to is being able to use such a gentle, powerful and effective stimulus to getting better.

5] Homeopathy is relatively easy on the planet. Comparatively little energy is required to produce the remedies, and their production does not result in polluting chemical waste. Remedies are not tested on animals and when disposed of they do not make more chemical waste. Hooray!

Homeopathy moves you on towards better health. It is a bus ticket for the road to change.

If you don’t try it, you will never know how much of a difference it could have made to your life and the life of those you love.


You don’t want to be without it.


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