Help for how you feel

I work to help people who are struggling to feel OK.

Whether you are anxious, stressed, panicky, have no self-confidence, or are overwhelmed or grieving you have somehow ended up in a very difficult place.

It feels as if the person you used to be is becoming greyed out.

You just can’t “snap out of it”, no matter how hard you try.

But you don’t want to stay stuck in this cheerless, colourless place any more.

Homeopathy can make a massive difference to how you feel.

It can really help you to move through those grey lands and back into the world of colour where you can be yourself again.  

Homeopathy can help loosen the knots that are tying you up and free you to recover your energy, your smiles, your joy – and your zest for life.

When you’re in those grey lands

We all have periods in our lives when we go through difficult times and life brings up negative emotions. We can often end up feeling quite different from the person we thought we were.

Sometimes we get stuck in these thoughts and emotions, and we can’t seem to move ourselves on, however much we feel we ought to be able to do so.

Perhaps you are…


completely overstressed and just unable to function? Worrying about every little thing, even very small things? Wondering where the person you used to be has gone to?


getting panic attacks where everything spirals out of control, you shake, your heart feels like it’s about to fly out of your chest, your stomach is a clenched fist and you can’t catch your breath? You never know when they are coming, and you are frightened and losing your confidence.


constantly having endless awful scenarios running through your head, which pile up on top of you like weights in the gym? They drag you down and it takes you 20 minutes just to get out of the door to buy milk.  It feels ridiculous, but you just can’t cope. Your anxiety is overwhelming and it is stopping you from doing what you want to do in your life.


in a state of major head fog? You can’t think or study or get any clarity and perspective on what needs doing. In fact, it’s hard to make decisions at all, so you are not getting anywhere near enough done, and you are confused and losing the sense of who you are.


obsessed with the need to get things absolutely right – whether it’s what you look like, what others think of you, or about the report you’re trying to produce? You just can’t get rid of the overwhelming need for perfection, and the fear of failure if you don’t achieve it. You’re in a stranglehold which is stopping you from getting anything done.


feeling you are just not good enough? You worry so much you won’t do a good enough job, that you often don’t even try. So you end up feeling you are of no value to anyone, and it’s as if you are slowly disappearing.


overcome with grief and feeling like someone lost in fog? You can’t see where you are going, or even see yourself anymore. It’s as if the world you know has faded away and left you struggling in a pool of tears.


feeling like an irritable bear? Small things you would not normally notice drive you nuts. The world seems to have changed shape around you and the only thing you want to do is growl at everyone.

The initial consultation came as a huge relief from the lack of individualised care I’d received before.  Niamh (very heavy, painful periods)

When we get stuck in a place of negative feelings it can make life very hard.

Even the simplest tasks can end up feeling like climbing an endless mountain of slippery mud.  

It’s hard to get anything you need to do done. You have no energy to face the world, sometimes not even enough to go out of your own bedroom. 

Things that seem relatively small to other people can have a huge impact on you and you can feel very isolated because people don’t know how to respond to you, or how to help you.

So you end up feeling lonely, frightened and shut in – or out – and that no-one understands what is happening to you.

And all the time you are fighting to keep your nose above the waterline in terms of how you feel.  

Even if you are just about coping, and it looks from the outside as though things are OK, getting through the day can be exhausting, and you wonder how you can possibly keep going.

Getting stuck in negative feelings and emotions does happen

 but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Finding a way out of your grey lands

Imagine looking down a child’s kaleidoscope: you can see lots of pieces of coloured glass in a pattern.  

Then the kaleidoscope twists and … everything changes.  It’s all exactly the same pieces of glass in there, but it…

just looks different.

Safe and gentle but incredibly powerful and effective; the right remedy can make a massive difference to your life.

It can move you forwards in a way nothing else can.


I can’t even begin to explain how it changed me, but the best way I can think to start is to describe homeopathy as a breath of the freshest air ever to exist in this world.   Fiona (anxiety and panic attacks)

With the right remedy, clients say they:

feel calmer,

sleep better, and

be better able to move on through with what is bothering you.

And along with this, it’s almost as if things begin to shift. 

The pieces in your personal kaleidoscope start to unstick themselves and to move, and the picture begins to alter:

You begin to get a bit of distance from your problems – you are looking at them from a different place, where they do not seem so overwhelming.

Thoughts and feelings you thought you were stuck with forever seem to change shape and slowly disappear.

You start to feel like you can be you again.

You realise that something really has changed, and that you can see a way forwards and start to go where you want to.

The straightjacket of your stress begins to loosen and shift. Small decisions don’t paralyse you anymore, and the person you really are starts coming back into focus.

Your panic attacks get less and less frequent and you realise you’re not living in fear of the next one any more – in fact you haven’t had one for ages.

You are no longer besieged by worries every moment of the day, and they don’t all stack up on top of you. Your anxiety lessens and the awful scenarios are disappearing. You can go out of the door in two minutes flat!

Your self-confidence starts to grow and thrive, like a plant that’s now in the sun. Without your worry holding you back you are no longer afraid to try anything and you are really moving forwards with what you want to achieve. It feels so liberating.

You head fog has gone, your head feels clear, and thinking or studying and making decisions is finally no longer like climbing Everest. You can see the way ahead, and move forwards to what you want to get done – and you are regaining your sense of yourself.

You find ‘perfect’ no longer rules your life – you stop focussing on what other people think and realise you are happy with yourself and with ‘good enough’. The sense of release is enormous and you are getting so much more done.

The grief that was drowning you ebbs away leaving you on solid ground, looking at life again. You feel like a flower slowly opening up and you find that there is joy in life again after all.

You are no longer snappy and growly with everyone – it’s a shining difference to both you and your loved ones, and life is suddenly so much more fun.


I could just get up in the morning and go. The difference was remarkable … the day wasn’t a struggle. I felt myself again.   Kate (anxiety and insomnia)

Back into the world of colour

Homeopathy is effective, safe and gentle – but very powerful.

Instead of suppressing your symptoms, it works by stimulating your body’s own healing mechanism.

Your body is a very complex organism, with its own systems for healing.  But sometimes it gets stuck and it needs nudging to get going again.

Taking careful account of the physical mental and emotional symptoms of a person allows a homeopath to match them with the right remedy for them, to stimulate the person’s system and start them getting better.

There are no toxicity issues, no need to keep taking remedies forever, and no problems taking homeopathy alongside other medication.

Homeopathy is quite simply an amazing aid to getting and being well
in the deepest sense.

We will work together to get a good picture of all of you – physical, mental and emotional – rather than treating individual issues as if they were not all part of the same you.  

This is a judgement-free space where you can say what you are feeling and tell me about you.  No symptom is ‘just your imagination’ or ‘unimportant’.  

I will hear what you are saying and I will dedicate myself to finding the right remedy for you.  

You will receive a highly individualised, personal prescription for a homeopathic remedy which matches you where you are now and which is:





without toxicity issues

pleasant tasting and easy to take and

not tested on animals.

Together we will track your progress, providing you with a prescription about every 5 weeks so that your remedy fits you as you move forwards, and continues to support you and stimulate your system to move to better health.


The remedies Catrin gave me shifted something deep in me and I couldn’t be more grateful.  Barbara (anxiety and insecurity)

Your road to change

I am a Licensed Homeopath (LCCH) and also a trained scientist who loves languages.  I bring a lot of empathy as well as analytical skills to my work.

I am good at listening – and at seeing things from different people’s points of view.

So whether you want to work with me in English, French or Spanish, I will hear what you are saying.

Click here to arrange an ABSOLUTELY FREE no obligation 20 minute chat to learn more about how we can start to change things for you and get your questions answered.

Your health and your wellbeing are the foundation of everything you are and can be in your life.  

Invest in yourself and your future, and find out more today.

Just as the meerkats look out for each other, work with me and together we will be…

‘Looking out for your health’.

Catrin was like a breath of fresh air to me after such a difficult time.  Isabelle (grief and anxiety)

I just felt good – everything felt brighter and happier.   Teresa (anxiety)

She became more helpful and happy than she had ever been before.  It’s a miracle.   Lorena (mother of child with no energy)

I felt calmer and I could go to sleep at night instead of staying awake until 4am!   Ken (anxiety)

What a blessed relief.   Marge (anxiety and giddy spells)