Growing Anxiety: How To Help

Oct 9, 2023

As a mum, you want your child to be happy, and to find their path to a rewarding and fulfilling life. You don’t want them to be struggling with anxiety, which often leaves children especially feeling very stressed and out of control, making them even more anxious. Anxiety often begins with small things, but sometimes it can grow, so what started as something that felt quite trivial can sometimes spiral into something bigger, affecting the child well into their future as an adult.

Homeopathy is an approach which can really help anxiety.

So mothers who bring their anxious children to a homeopath are helping address the problems effectively and resolve the anxiety early on. This could make a big difference to their children’s future. They are teaching their children that you don’t have to keep on suffering: you can ask for, and get, effective help.

Take Sierra, whose son was very anxious and frequently tearful.

At 8, Ian was a nervous and worried child who found anything new difficult. He had been particularly affected by the lockdowns, missing both his family and friends, and recently had started having panic attacks in the morning before school. Sierra was very concerned about Ian, who seemed to be getting worse, not better, and arranged for him to see me. After learning about Ian from his mum and from him, I prescribed a remedy to help his whole system get calmer and more balanced, and an emergency remedy to help with the panic attacks. Two weeks later Sierra reported a huge change:

“Those remedies have helped him so much. He’s doing much, much better. What’s more, he feels safer because if he does start to panic, we have your emergency remedy to take, and it makes such a difference. Thank you so much!”


Or Nyree, whose son Harry suffered from bad headaches and anxiety.

Harry was 11 and about to start secondary school. He was doing really well at school, but getting terrible headaches and finding he got very anxious about getting things right. Nyree had been seeing me herself and had found homeopathy really reduced her anxiety – so she brought Harry to see me too. Harry took the remedy I prescribed three times a week for two weeks, with the result that his anxiety was 80% better, and he was able to manage the end of primary school camp with no difficulty. He said:

“Without that remedy, camp would have been too much, but it was fine. I don’t react the same anymore. I don’t get so anxious and upset.”

Learning to seek help, and that help can be effective, seems to me to be especially important for boys. Society teaches males that to ask for help is to show weakness or vulnerability and something they just should not do. So in many ways, it is even harder for young men to seek help for anxiety than for young women.

If we can show boys (and girls) how effective homeopathy is at treating anxiety, we are helping them many times over:

  • helping now, as the anxiety resolves

  • helping reduce the likelihood of future problems

  • and once they know that there is effective help available, they are more likely to ask for help if they run into problems again.

Photo credits: 1] Photo by Anita Jankovic on Unsplash 2] Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash