Growing Anxiety: How To Help

As a mum, you want your child to be happy, and to find their path to a rewarding and fulfilling life. You don’t want them to be struggling with anxiety, which often leaves...

A Way Out Of Anxiety

Anxiety is awful. Sometimes you know what you are worrying about, and sometimes you just don’t, but either way it can really affect your ability to function. Anxiety affects...

What Friends Know

“Knowledge is Power!” The words rang across the stage. “It’s not enough to say what we know,” Maria said to her husband Ignaz, “we need to help others to know too.”[1] In 1844...

What Do You See?

Dowsing and homeopathy – both involve water and human skill, and both have been ridiculed by conventional science. But not by those using the services of skilled practitioners! What really works, works!

Seeing Mental Health

Mental health problems can leave you feeling ignored and in the shadows. Here are four pointers to helping yourself move forwards and into some light.


When you just can’t seem to get better and your body seems to have lost its way, homeopathy can be your super hero map reader. Here’s how.

Your Raincoat

Resilience and Raincoats! They keep us dry in the wet and help us cope better when illness threatens. Here are 5 things you can do to maintain yours in good condition!

My Beating Heart

Grief is tough – and it can affect you physically as well as emotionally. Read Emily’s story and learn how homeopathy helped and how science is catching up with homeopathy.

Doing It For Yourself

Help yourself to a better you! This is DIY for inside your head: three ways to help yourself feel better. All are either completely free or almost free.

(Don’t) Think!

Learn more about how to change your mental perspective. Thoughts define so much of what we do and who we are. In fact, what you think creates what you feel.

‘Looking out for your health’.