About me

I know what it is like to be in a bad space mentally. It can end up affecting everything.

You have very little energy, you feel really low about yourself – and you can’t get much of anything you want to get done.

You wonder how you got so stuck somewhere you really don‘t want to be? 

And more importantly, how are you ever going to get it to change?

Let me tell you how I found an answer to that question.

I initially took a degree in Chemistry, but found that I was more interested in people and doing something to help those in difficulty than continuing in research and analysis.

Over a period of years, I enjoyed living and working in France and Spain and then in Costa Rica and Honduras and I became completely fluent in French and Spanish.

Along the way I also discovered that I was good at listening, and at hearing, what very different people had to say.

Then I came back to the UK, got married and had children.

And discovered homeopathy.

It started when our first child (then aged 2) developed an all-over body rash. It was summer and hot, and we were living in a flat in London.

Nothing we did made any difference to that rash. It just gradually got worse and worse, and our son was miserable!

When a friend finally suggested a homeopath, I was prepared to try anything.

The remedy recommended was astonishingly effective. The rash that had been bothering him for days disappeared within hours.

I was impressed.

As my children grew, I used homeopathy more and more for the illnesses and accidents that a mother always sees, and I became increasingly interested in it, and started learning more about it from books.

At the same time I saw a lot of problems amongst young people, especially anxiety.

I also saw anxiety and stress in women trying to manage complex family needs, and other women trying to juggle all this with managing menopausal problems.

The whole lot really came together for me when I ran into a serious health problem myself, and discovered I required major surgery – with the possibility of ending up in a wheelchair.

I felt as if I was like a plant stuck at the back of a deep, dark cave, far away from the light and air I needed to be OK.

I understood perfectly well that the sun was outside, offering everything I needed to be healthy and strong.

In other words, I could talk about it all rationally, but this had no effect at all on how I felt.

How on earth was I supposed to reach the light from the back of such a deep cave?

I felt completely stuck and powerless to make any meaningful change.

Then my homeopath prescribed me a remedy that really burst a hole in the roof of my cave and let in some light.

And amazingly, unbelievably, my view of things really began to shift. 

And from then on things slowly but surely started to improve – because I felt different.

This made me realise that homeopathy is not just fantastically effective for helping physical symptoms.

It can also bring about a major change in how you feel. 

This was a real revelation to me.

Here was something that really could help people.

The remedy had somehow shifted my perspective on everything.

It didn’t change any of the facts of my situation, but something had changed – and I was looking at it all from a different place, a place with more light.

That shift in perspective helped me to feel and act differently … and that changed everything.

This was my route out of that cave.

And as it turned out, my path to being able to work with people and be able to help them.

I retrained to become a licensed homeopath, and qualified in Bristol in the UK.

Since then I have seen so many people make enormous changes in their lives with homeopathy, often where nothing else they have tried has had good results.

People who have been stuck struggling with feelings they just could not manage to alter have found that there actually is a road out and that they can get their feet onto it.

It is joyful and heart-warming to see someone who has been trying to cope in their version of a deep cave realise that they are no longer in the darkness, and that things really can be different.


The remedies Catrin prescribed have helped me to move on in my life and be able to feel well and the healthiest I have felt for a while.  Isabelle (grief and anxiety)

Look here to see what changes other people have described in how they feel after homeopathy.

I feel very lucky to be able to practise homeopathy with people across the world and to do so in all of the languages I love – English, French and Spanish.

I bring a scientist’s training combined with a lot of empathy, an open mind and a keen interest in my clients’ welfare to my work.

Since graduating I continue to update and expand my knowledge of homeopathy. I engage in over 100 hours of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) every year and have participated in courses in the Allen School of Homeopathy, in courses led by Erik van Woensel and courses in Advanced Homeopathy at IACH (the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy) headed by Professor George Vithoulkas, as well as completing the two year E-Learning course from IACH.

I am a professionally registered member of Homeopathy International.

My qualifications are:

  • LCCH (Licentiate in Homeopathy from the Contemporary College of Homeopathy, UK)
  • R.Hom.Int (Registered member of Homeopathy International)
  • MSc Environmental Technology (University of London)
  • BSC Chemistry and French (University of Sussex)

And the end bit?

I have two now (mostly) grown up sons, and one (not very) grown up spaniel who needs lots of walking – something my husband and I both very much enjoy.

We live in a village in the southwest of the UK, and I am lucky enough to work across the world providing consultations via video-link to help people to move to happier and healthier lives with homeopathy.

I have a special interest in mental and emotional problems, but I also treat people with a wide range of other symptoms who are looking for a gentle but powerful and effective, drug-free way of being in the best health they can be.

Click here to book a free no obligation call to learn about how homeopathy could help you get better, and get your questions answered.

Why the meerkats?

Meerkats are such alive, alert creatures, always on the lookout for what’s going on! 

I love the fact that they work as a social unit, helping each other and keeping an eye out for each other. 

I felt these two characteristics summed up what I want to convey about working with me. 

I aim to ensure that I am as friendly and alert as my logo animal, looking out for what is happening for my clients as I work with them to improve their health.

When I realised that the word meerkat is an inversion of my name before getting married, since my first name is Catrin, and my original surname was Meir, pronounced ‘meer’, that clinched it!

So the meerkats are perfect way for me to represent the fact that I am working with you and together we are

‘Looking out for your health’.