A Way Out Of Anxiety

Oct 2, 2023

Anxiety is awful.

Sometimes you know what you are worrying about, and sometimes you just don’t, but either way it can really affect your ability to function.

Anxiety affects different people in different ways – maybe you can’t think straight, can’t talk to anyone, you have feelings of dread, you need to go for a pee all the time, you have a massive headache, your stomach aches and you feel sick, your heart pounds, you’re hyperventilating …

You may not have all of these symptoms, but having even a few is exhausting and worrying – and very difficult to cope with.

What on earth is happening – and what on earth can you do about it?

Your system has got stuck. It’s jumping into fight/flight mode because it is seeing something as a threat.

This may be because your brain is making a connection between something in the past (sometimes as far back as your time in the womb) and what’s going on now.

The event in the past was traumatic for you, and your system remembers. So, when it sees something it thinks is similar, it prepares you to deal with it by pumping your system full of stress hormones – which makes you feel anxious.

So what can you do?

  • Try to breathe more slowly: to start with breathing in for a count of three, hold for a count of two, breathe out for a count of three, wait for a count of two.
  • Look outside: concentrate on trees or plants or clouds and watch them move in the wind and rain or shine in the sun.
  • Sit or lie directly on the ground if you can – or stand on it barefoot.
  • Keep Bach Flower Rescue Remedy to hand. Put four drops in your water bottle and keep sipping it every few minutes. You can also put four drops directly into your mouth every few minutes.

And what about stopping it happening again?

We need to find a way of calming your system by neutralising whatever was the cause of the problem. Of course it’s useful if you happen to know how it all started, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t because

homeopathy can help.

Homeopathy looks at:

  • what sort of situations make you anxious (Perhaps exams? Crowds? Giving presentations? Worry about a loved one? Financial worries? Something else?)
  • exactly how your system responds (Maybe a thumping heart? Trembling? Cold? Sweating? Diarrhoea? There are many possibilities.)
  • what makes your symptoms better (Fresh air? Lying down? Wrapping up warmly? What have you noticed?)
  • what makes your symptoms worse (Noise? Being on your own? Getting too hot? It’s personal to you.)

Putting all these characteristics together allows your homeopath to find a remedy which matches you, your anxiety, and how your individual system expresses this anxiety.

Because this remedy matches you, and precisely how and when your anxiety shows itself, it is able to:

  • nudge your body to start to resolve the problem,
  • correct the symptoms, and
  • re-find your natural balance.

And then things start to change. Initially your anxiety starts to soften at the edges, and doesn’t take over your life quite so much.

Then slowly, gently, you realise that you are getting anxious less often, and when you do it is not so overwhelming.

It gets better and better, and eventually you realise that you are not really anxious any more.

And if something really big crops up and you can feel the anxiety coming back, you take your remedy again and your system responds by getting itself back into balance again.

The glory of homeopathy is that it is

  • Extraordinarily powerful and effective

  • Gentle

  • Drug-free

And perhaps best of all,

with the right nudge from homeopathy,

it is your own body that is sorting itself out.

So things get back into balance naturally –

and once you are back in balance you

don’t have to keep taking anything.

You’re just not anxious any more.

Homeopathy works.


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Photo credits:

1] Photo by Resource Database on Unsplash

2] Photo by Riccardo Ginevri on Unsplash