Have you had enough of worrying?

Is ANXIETY eating up your life?

You don’t have to stay stuck here!

“Catrin was like a breath of fresh air to me
after such a difficult time.”
Isabelle (grief and anxiety)


I would thoroughly recommend homeopathy for anyone who is struggling – it has changed my life. Thank you so much, Catrin.  Fiona (anxiety and panic attacks)

So many things can lead to anxiety:


you lack self-confidence,


you don’t feel good enough,


decisions are too difficult, you worry about getting things wrong,


you need everything to be perfect,


you are struggling with overwhelming grief,


awful scenarios build up in your head and you can’t get out of the door,


the menopause has turned you upside down …

Whatever the cause, you have had enough of
the constant stranglehold grip anxiety has on your life.

Enough of worrying about everything,

And enough of feeling that the colour has been sucked out of your life,
leaving everything grey.

You want a natural, drug-free, powerful but gentle way
to break free of anxiety.

You really want to feel calmer, more centred and MORE LIKE YOURSELF
with ENERGY and JOY for your life,
so you can live in full colour.

Homeopathy is fantastic at getting something to shift inside you so you
just start to feel DIFFERENT.

And everything starts to change.

You are in the right place to make a real change.

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Homeopathy is AMAZING when it is practised by a skilled practitioner, which Catrin certainly is.  Nina (grief, feeling of dread and insomnia)

About Catrin

Originally a scientist, how people feel has always been very important to me.

Then 12 years ago I ran into a health problem that meant I was going to need major surgery to have even a chance of being able to walk again.

I felt as if the person I was had somehow been extinguished and there was no light anywhere.

It was like being in a deep cave with no way out no matter where I looked.

Until I took the remedy my homeopath prescribed.

The change was like a turning of night to day.

The situation I was in was exactly the same, but somehow I was looking at it completely differently. The shift was unbelievable – I went from being unable to see any way out, to seeing that I could take steps forward and be able to cope.

I was lucky – my surgery was successful. And as I got better, it dawned on me that homeopathy offers a real lifeline to people struggling to find a road out from their dark places.

This was something that really does make an unbelievable difference to how people feel.

I was so impressed that as soon as I was fit enough I retrained to become a qualified homeopath, combining this with my analytical skills as a scientist to bring the best of both worlds to my clients.

Catrin’s compassion, understanding and hard work has brought me from a place of insecurity and sadness to one of fulfilment and joy.  Barbara (anxiety and insecurity)

Having lived and worked in five different countries, in three different languages, and with a very wide variety of people has given me a fair amount of practice at listening – and hearing – what people are telling me.

Do you want to talk in English, Spanish or French?

Whichever is your language, get in touch so we can set up an absolutely free video call and you can learn more and get your questions answered.

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Why the meerkats?

Meerkats are such alive, alert creatures, always on the lookout for what’s going on! 

I love the fact that they work as a social unit, helping each other and keeping an eye out for each other. 

I felt these two characteristics summed up what I want to convey about working with me. 

I aim to ensure that I am as friendly and alert as my logo animal, looking out for what is happening for my clients as I work with them to improve their health.

When I realised that the word meerkat is an inversion of my name before getting married, since my first name is Catrin, and my original surname was Meir, pronounced ‘meer’, that clinched it!

So the meerkats are perfect way for me to represent the fact that I am working with you and together we are

‘Looking out for your health’.